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#1 Eyebrow Threading Melbourne

Lashy Lash provides eyebrow threading in Melbourne with friendly and professional service for its clients. Brow threading services gives the most natural-looking eyebrows. Book an appointment with our brow artists today.


Best Eyebrow Threading Treatment in Melbourne

Eyebrow threading beauty service will give you natural-looking, neat, and attractive eyebrows. Lashy Lash offers the best brow threading services which are done by brow specialists. We always do our best to satisfy our clients. We also use high-quality products to support our best service for our clients. To ensure the quality of each product, we have tested it before we use it for our clients. We will make sure that our services are safe and it will satisfy our clients. 

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is actually an ancient technique, originally from India, for removing undesirable or unwanted hair on the eyebrows and around the face. This removing hair technique is not using any chemical substance because it only uses a smooth tiny thread that will not harm the skin.

The thread is made from cotton so that it is safe for this service. Furthermore, threading will be done by professionals who have been experiencing it for years. The threading process will pull out the hair from its follicle, and the hair will be removed from below the skin’s surface. 

Before the threading treatment begins, the clients’ eyebrows will be cleaned with a cotton ball soaked with an astringent. Then the technician will start pulling unwanted hair on the eyebrow gently. 

Some Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

Old but gold might be the best statement to describe the threading technique for removing unwanted hair on eyebrows and face. This ancient technique brings some benefits for those who practice it. Here are some benefits of eyebrow threading you will get.

Less Hair Growth

The result of eyebrows threading can be up to 2-3 weeks. This result is more extended than another method, such as plucking, because the eyebrow threading method will pull out each root. This process requires the hair not to grow faster, and it takes a minimum of 2 or 3 weeks for the hair to grow again.

Less Painful

Unlike other facial hair removal methods such as tweezing, plucking, or waxing, eyebrow threading is less painful than those other methods. Take an example of tweezing which the hair will be removed one by one; the threading method will remove the entire row of facial hair in the process. It might sting a little bit, but it is still bearable.

Affordable Price

The price is still affordable compared to the other similar treatments. Besides, the results of eyebrows threading will not disappoint you. The less hair growth you will get from this treatment will be other benefits because you do not need to spend your money often to do facial hair removal again.

Why You Choose Us for Eyebrows Threading

There are some reasons why you have to choose Lashy Lash to take care of your eyebrows, eyelash, other threading services.

Eyebrows Specialists

Lashy Lash provides you with professional eyelash extensions and eyebrows threading technicians who will take care of your eyelash and eyebrows professionally. The brow artists can do the eyebrow threading to make them look natural and more gorgeous.

Hygiene and Safety

Lashy Lash always puts hygiene and clients’ safety as their priority. Our beauty therapist will ensure the hygiene of all tools and products we use during the eyebrow threading treatment. Moreover, We only use the finest and latest products that have been tested by ourselves.

Best Eyebrows Threading

We provide our clients with the best brow beauty services at affordable and competitive prices. Clients will get two benefits from our beauty salon. One is the high-quality results, and the second is the competitive and reasonable price. If you want to get stand-out eyebrows, contact us today

Melbourne Eyebrow Threading Price

We offer various threading services. Here are some treatments available in our salon and their price.

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading –$25

Eyebrow threading is the treatment to remove unwanted eyebrow hair that usually breaks the perfect shape of the eyebrow. General shaving will make the eyebrow grows back fast, and you have to do it again and again because it can grow quickly. The price of eyebrow threading in Melbourne is $25.

Chin Threading

Chin Threading –$15

This facial hair is sometimes disturbing, and many clients prefer to remove it. Using the threading method, the removal process can be done faster and less painful than other methods. It costs $15 for this chin threading service.

Upper Lip Threading

Upper Lip Threading –$15

The area under the nose and upper lip are sometimes overgrown with hair. It is also disturbing for those who want to get smooth skin. That is why upper lip threading treatment is needed, and it only costs $15 for this treatment.

Full-Face Threading

Full-Face Threading –$40

If you want to get full-face threading, this treatment costs $40 in Lashy Lash. This price is competitive because you will also get a high-quality result from this treatment.

About Lashy Lash – Brow Artists

Lashy Lash is a beauty salon specializing in eyelash extensions and eyebrow threading. It is located in Point Cook, Victoria. Anna, the salon’s founder, built this salon. She has been experiencing the beauty industry for more than seven years. Anna always focuses on the product’s quality and carries comprehensive research on choosing the best products

Lashy Lash is proud to serve its best services for clients. Their technicians have been trained professionally before they take care of their clients. That is why you can always trust us to get the natural look of eyelash extensions, eyebrow threading, and other services including eyelash extension training.

Other Beauty Services

Besides eyebrow threading, Lashy Lash provides their clients with various treatments. Here are some of it.

Best Eyelash Extensions Melbourne

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are beauty service that will give you natural lashes looks with longer and thicker lashes. Lashy Lash provides a wide range of eyelash extension you can choose from. It starts with classic, natural, and 2D lashes that will give you natural look lashes.

Eyebrow Tint

Eyebrow Tint

Another service you can enjoy from Lashy Lash, besides the threading services, is eyebrow tinting. Eyebrow stylist from Lashy Lash will make your eyebrow look more gorgeous. They can choose the best colour that matches the tone of your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eyebrow Threading

There are some frequently asked questions about eyebrow threading Melbourne, and here are some of them.

Is eyebrow threading painful?

For the first experience, you may feel a slight sting during the treatment. But eyebrow threading technicians in Lashy Lash will do their best to make less sting from the treatment. If you compare it with waxing, threading is less painful.

How long does it take for the hair to grow back?

The period of the hair to grow back is based on the skin type. But it generally will grow back for 2-3 weeks. You can have threading treatment every three weeks to get the best results.

What should I do to take care after eyebrow threading treatment?

Avoid the sun right after the treatment to prevent sunburnt. To make your skin smoother and reduce the redness of your skin after the treatment, you can apply aloe vera gel. It is also suitable for your skin if you apply makeup after some hours to prevent irritation.