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Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Lashy Lash sells Eyelash Extension Tweezers. Shipping from Melbourne, Australia. Same Day Dispatch. Buy Tweezers for lash extensions now.

If you are a lash artist looking for the perfect eyelash extension tweezers you will never want to part with, then look no further! 

At Lashy Lash, we have the right eyelash extension tweezers for you at prices that won’t break the bank. Here you will find the professional eyelash tweezers that will make all the difference for you as a lash artist. Don’t let your tweezers slow you down, using quality lash tweezers can make you a quicker lash technician. 

Lashy Lash carries a wide range of top-of-the-line eyelash extension tweezers that will work best for your career, so place your lash tweezers order with full confidence.

A Guide to the Best Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Which pair of tweezers should I use?

This question might whirling around inside your head while looking at a range of lash tweezers. Well, having the right set of eyelash extensions tweezers is important for the effective application of lash extensions for your clients lash, especially when doing volume lash. There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding which pair of tweezers are perfect for you.

Eyelash tweezers are used continuously throughout the lash extension procedure, thus it’s very essential that you use the right tweezers for each procedure. Having the quality eyelash extension tweezers in your eyelash extension kit is the key to perfect results. It will make all the difference for you as a lash technician. After all, even the most skilled eyelash extension artists can only perform as well as their tools.

How to choose the lash tweezers for your eyelash extensions kit?

As lash artists, our main goal is to successfully apply a beautiful set of lashes to every client that walks through our doors. To achieve this, we need both quality lashes and the proper eyelash tweezers. If you want to make amazing eyelash extensions, make sure you have excellent lash extensions tweezers.

Having quality lash tweezers that are comfortable, with a good grip that won’t strain your fingers for every eyelash extensions process ensures longevity and precision. However, finding the perfect eyelash tweezers for you can be tricky.

“Are they best for classic?”

“Are they suitable for volume?”

“Which tweezers works the best for isolation?”

While it pretty much comes down to personal preferences, there are certain times where one pair of lash tweezers are more beneficial to use than another. This is why we’re here to help you make a slightly more informed decision.

At Lashy Lash, 4 great tweezers options for you

Let’s start with the must-have tool for any Eyelash Extension Artist, the 90 degree angled tweezers. These tweezers are designed to grab lashes at a 90-degree angle, the size is perfect to pick up individual lashes without pulling on surrounding ones. Next, we have the L-Type Volume Tweezers, these tweezers are made to deliver maximum control and precision while making a more natural, voluminous lash look. With a balanced and lightweight design, the L-Type Volume Tweezers is perfect tweezers for those who demand precision and comfort.

Let’s move on to S-Curved Tweezers, this type of tweezers fits perfectly in the curve of natural eyelashes and the sharper point makes it easier to grab the lashes and move them into place. Lastly, we have Straight Tweezers which are perfect for those who wear eye makeup and want to get every single lash visible. 

Are All Lashy Lash Tweezers Tested? 

Each Lashy Lash’s lash extension tweezer is personally hand-tested for use by professional lash stylists to apply classic lash, volume lash, natural lash, and 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, or 6D lashes. One of the most essential tools needed in your eyelash extension kit is the right pair of lash tweezers. Every eyelash technician is different and has their own personal technique or style of lashing, Lashy Lash’s lash tweezers are carefully tested to make sure those unique techniques are achievable.

Taking Care of Your Eyelash Tweezer

Once you found your tweezers match, taking optimal care of them is a must. There are a bunch of things you can do to protect these delicate tweezers. With a few extra steps, you can ensure that your tweezers remain as effective and useful as their first day on the job.

Below are a few tips that will help you ensure your lash tweezer stay in tip-top shape.

Cleaning Your Lash Tweezer

Cleaning is undoubtedly the most important part of caring for your lash tweezer. As all sorts of excess adhesive build-up on tweezers over time and it can reduce tweezer efficacy and can transport bacteria if not properly cleaned. To clean your tweezer, first, remove any glue residue with warm water and soap as fast as you can after an appointment. Sanitize and Disinfect your tweezer thoroughly, then give them another wash with soap and warm water to prevent chemical corrosion from the sanitizing agents. Cleaning as soon as you’ve finished a client’s lash extensions is especially important if you’re working in higher humidity environments, in which adhesive spread much faster than normal. 

Storing Your Lash Tweezer

Storing your tweezers properly is an important part of the tweezers care routine. Don’t store them in an open environment as they could become contaminated or damaged. You can put your tweezers in a protective case. Avoid overcrowding your case – make sure each tweezer is far enough from its brethren to stay in tip-top shape.

Taking care of your lash tweezers properly is a key part of learning how to be the great lash technician you can be. These tweezers care routine tips will protect your eyelash extensions client, from unwanted bacteria and maintain the longevity of your tweezers. Now, you are ready to give your clients the greatest eyelash extensions services in a safe and healthy environment.

Eyelash Extension Tweezers Lashy Lash

Picking the right tweezers for you is pretty much a matter of personal preference, which is why there are so many different shapes. If you are still unsure of what kind of professional tweezers that fit your needs, be in touch with Lashy Lash team and we will help you find the perfect lash tweezers fit for you. 

Make your life easier when applying lashes by picking up professional tweezers from Lashy Lash today.

In the end, We wish you a happy lashing!