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Eye Gel Pads for Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Supplies, Products & Kits

Lashy Lash is a lash supplier in Melbourne, Australia that provides high-quality eyelash extensions products, tools and kits. Shipping the items to Australia wide.

Eyelash Extensions Products Supplier Melbourne

As one of the leading eyelash extension suppliers in Australia, we provide a wide variety of eyelash extensions kits.

Eyelash mister 

Eyelash mister is a lash extension supply that you need to have. The eyelash mister is a device that can break water into fine mist particles using nanotechnology. The mist from this device is suitable for your eyelash extension because it prevents eyelash extensions from drying and keeps them moist. Get lash extension kit today.

Eyelash primer  

Lash supplies Melbourne from Lashy Lash, one of the best beauty salons in Melbourne is an eyelash primer. Their eyelash primer has a banana scent with high quality for pre-treatment cleaning. The benefit of this eyelash primer is to help and protect the eyelash extensions. Use the eyelash primer to clean the natural eyelash and the eyelash extensions from dirt, make-up, and oil.

Eyelash wands in tube 

Eyelash wands in a tube is a small eyelash brush inside a tube. This eyelash kit is perfect for travel because it does not need big space to keep. Furthermore, the tube package is ideal for protecting the brush from dirt, oil, and other things that can harm the brush.


Other lash products are scissors that will be used during the eyelash extensions treatment.  Scissors for eyelash extension treatment usually have a curved tip to make it easier during the trimming process. The scissors are also easy to keep and clean. 

Lash glue stickers    

The glue stickers can be stacked on a stone glue holder, glue tray, or even your lash pallet. The stickers will show you the speed of the eyelash glue to dry. The stickers are easy to apply and remove. There will be no mess left once you remove it.

Eyelash tape   

There are two types of eyelash tape that are mainly used for eyelash extension treatment. The first type is 3m micropore tape, and the second is 3m transpore eyelash tape. The 3m micropore tape is ideal for the professional eyelash treatment because it is breathable and latex-free. The 3m transpore eyelash tape is also latex-free. It contains strong adhesion, so it is also perfect for the last extension. 

Glue holder 

As one of the best eyelash extensions suppliers, Lashy Lash provides their clients with glue holders. It is one of the essential kits for eyelash extensions. It comes in packs so that it is easy and comfortable to bring. Besides, the glue holder is also applicable for any kinds of cosmetic products you might apply along with it.


This eyelash kit is There are various lashes you may choose, depending on your preferences. C Curl has a premium quality that is silky, soft, and easy to apply. Meanwhile, CC Curl is usually for volume lash extensions application. Professionals have also tested it for its durability and quality. Another lash supplies Melbourne is D Curl lashes with the best premium quality that will create dramatic change on your look and increase your confidence. Get these eyelash extension supplies.

Tweezers | Eyelash Extensions Kits

The glue stickers can be stacked on a stone glue holder, glue tray, or even your One of the other necessary eyelash extension tool kits is tweezers used to pick up lashes so that the lashes will stand out. The tweezers are able to grab the lashes up to 900 -angle. This eyelash kit is a must-have for you to keep your eyelash extensions great

Reasons buying Eyelash Extensions Products & Kits from us

Lashy Lash is a lash supplier in Melbourne, Victoria that offers many eyelash extension products, tools and kits. There are some things that make our shop is different from other beauty shops.

High-Quality Products

We always provide our clients with high-quality products related to lash extension. As one of Melbourne’s best eyelash extension suppliers, We offer only the best and finest products that we have been tested before.


We work and serve our clients professionally. We always try our best to understand and listen to what our clients need. Clients’ satisfaction is our top priority. Checkout premium eyelash extension supplies today.

Variative Products

We have many products that you need to take care of your natural eyelash and eyelash extensions. Our clients also welcome any requests to make sure that they are satisfied with our products and services. 

Competitive Price

With all of the high-quality products, our shop puts the competitive price. The price is still affordable for clients that do not want to spend too much money on eyelash extensions products and kits. 

Eyelash Extensions Training

If you are interested in the beauty industry and would like to receive a certificate to be a professional eyelash technician. We provide you with eyelash extension training in order to make you master how to apply various eyelashes. We will teach you how to apply classic, Russian eyelash extensions and so on. To get more information about it, please visit

About Lashy Lash – Eyelash Extensions Supplier

Lashy Lash is an eyelash extension products supplier in Melbourne. Our location is in Point Cook, Melbourne Victoria. Besides providing lash products and tools, Lashy Lash also provides clients with various eyelash treatments, threading services, and lash training. Buy eyelash extension kit at the best price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which basic lash tools and kits should I have first?

If you are wearing eyelash extensions, there are some lash tools you need to have including eyelash primer to clean the eyelash from dirt, makeup, and oil. Besides, you also need an eyelash brush or eyelash wands in a tube to brush your eyelash extensions and eyelash mister to give some moist to your eyelash.

How much do I need to pay for basic eyelash tools and kits?

Eyelash primer costs around $10, eyelash wands in the tube only costs $1 each, eyelash brushes costs $6 for one pack, and eyelash mister is around $20. 

Is there any guarantee I get after buying lash products from Lashy Lash?

Yes, there is. We guarantee all of our products for you because we believe in our high-quality products.