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Eyelash Extension Nano Mister (USB)

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Nano Mister for eyelash extensions is the perfect lash supply for the curing of eyelash extensions after application. Comes with a USB for charging. Buy now.

Eyelash Extension Nano Mister (USB)

Perfect for the curing of eyelash extension adhesive after treatment. This product adopts ultra-high-speed vibration technology to make the water become ultra-fine particles.

Eyelash Extension Nano Mister (USB) sprays a very fine mist, adding a small amount of moisture to your client’s eyelashes after you finish the set.

Please do not get too close to the eyes when misting to avoid big drops of water on the eyelashes. We recommend holding it about 30cm away and switching it on.

Benefits Nano Mister for Eyelash Extension

Using a Nano Mister during or after applying eyelash extensions will help to speed up the curing time of the glue. It will take away any unwanted fumes & regulate the humidity. This is a must-have eyelash supply if you are doing lash extensions.

Postage & Delivery

The product will be shipped or delivered from our eyelash beauty salon based in Point Cook, Melbourne.


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