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Straight Tweezers

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Straight tweezers or I-shape tweezers for eyelash extensions. These straight isolation tweezers are perfect for isolation and used for the classic lash extensions method. The straight lash tweezers design makes it easy to grab every single lash and remove lashes. Buy straight tweezers now.

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Straight Tweezers for Lash Extensions

This is a standard straight tweezer for eyelash extension application and is great for isolation. This makes them a must-have tool in any lash artist’s collection.

These I-shape tweezers are thin and great and are usually used for classic lash extensions by beauty technicians.

Features of Straight Isolation Tweezers

  • It is a comfortable hand feeling when we use it. So it is great to be used for long-term work.
  • It is a Lashy Lash brand and they are made from high-quality stainless steel with a blue coating.
  • The product is lightweight to avoid hand fatigue. It is specially designed to reduce hand fatigue
  • It is very well built. Both ends of these straight tweezers are close so there is no gap and are rust-free
  • Smooth lines appearance and fine processing.
  • All lash tweezer is durable and hand-tested by our founder, Anna. It is also easy to clean.
  • These Straight tweezers Products are available in our eyelash beauty salon in Melbourne


The lash supplies will be shipped from our eyelash salon based in Point Cook, Melbourne, Australia. All lash products are 100% inspected before shipment, we can guarantee to use our products safely.

We are proud that we have great after-sales service. If any problems occur, our team will do their best to solve them. Pickup is also available at our beauty salon in Point Cook, Melbourne.

* This product is intended for professional use only.

1 review for Straight Tweezers

  1. Ella

    The straight tweezers is really good, I love it. Recommended to buy lash supplies here. Thank you.

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